These are the steps you should follow to download your video.

1. The user is required to find a YouTube video that they are desirous of downloading to their PC.

2. Then enter this valid YouTube video URL into the field provided and press the 'Download' button.

3. At that point, you are taken to a page displaying a thumbnail of your video and a bit of information, along with a selection of resolutions available to download.

4. Select the resolution you require and then press the 'Download' button next to that selection where, depending on your choice the download will begin or the video preview will open for you to view.

5. If the video downloads immediately then all good but if the video preview window is displayed then hover your mouse over the video and then click the three dots icon (one above the other) in the bottom right corner, then click 'Download' and it will begin!


We do NOT condone piracy in any way, shape or form.

Our purpose is to provide the means by which someone can lawfully aquire media that would otherwise be difficult, if not impossible to obtain or re-obtain.

YouTube is the perfect source for these video and audio clips and to combat abuse, we purposely do NOT allow searching of any video or audio files on our site, nor do we present a directory of files for browsing or host ANY content on our website whatsoever.

This website is just a simple and fun tool providing a means to an end and we hope that you will find it both useful and rewarding.

The TubeoGrab Team.


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